Problems with Dental Implants

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If you’ve had previous dental implants and are having problems with them, come see our dental experts today and get your issues skillfully diagnosed.

Expert Treatment for Dental Implant Complications

Drs. Ryan, Tyler, and Thomas Rubino will occasionally see new patients who have received implants in the past but who are now having problems with their dental implants. Although the vast majority of implant placements are successful, a very small percentage of them develop complications which require treatment by a specialist.

Skilled Implant Care Specialist

Dr. Rubino standing in his Sarasota dental office location. Our doctors are highly experienced and skilled in the placement and care of dental implants, including the diagnosis and treatment of any complications and problems with dental implants. They perform advanced diagnostics to accurately determine the difficulties with a failing implant and uses proven, effective techniques to bring the implant and surrounding tissues back to a stable and healthy condition whenever possible.

In rare instances when an implant has completely failed and cannot be saved, your doctor can remove your implant and place a new one. In this case, he will thoroughly explain the treatment needed to replace your implant and will answer all your questions beforehand.

Signs of Dental Implant Problems

The following are signs that your implant has developed complications and that a full examination is needed:

A dental implant surrounded by inflamed and irritated gum tissue.

  • The gums around the implant are red or a bluish-purple color (evidence of inflammation)
  • The gums are swollen around the implant
  • The area around the implant is sensitive or painful
  • The gums around the implant bleed at the gumline when brushing
  • Pus is coming from the gums or the implant site
  • The threads of the implant post are visible
  • The implant is loose

Causes of Dental Implant Problems

The main causes of implant complications or failure are as follows:

  • Implant placement failure

    Implants placed in the wrong position or where there is inadequate bone support can become unstable. Average biting forces on an inadequately supported implant can cause the implant to become loose or even fall out.

    There are also rare instances where the implant is placed in the proper position but the surrounding bone fails to integrate (fuse) with the implant surfaces. This leaves the implant improperly supported and subject to instability or loss. Unstable implants are also more prone to infection.

  • Infection around the implant

    Infection of the gum tissue around an implant is a special form of gum disease known as Peri-Implantitis. Peri-Implantitis is considered to have developed when there is an infection in the gums and bone around the implant.

    Peri-Implantitis can be caused by a number of factors, including poor oral hygiene, smoking, major health conditions such as diabetes, or dental cement from the implant crown leaking into the tissues. It can also more rarely be the result of bite misalignment putting excessive pressure on the implant and destabilizing it.

  • Dental restoration placed too soon

    Sometimes crowns, bridges or dentures are loaded onto the implants immediately after the implants are placed. This is fine if the implant is stable enough to support the load. But if the restoration is placed before the implant can easily manage the added pressure, the implant can become destabilized or even fail.

Treating Problems with Dental Implants

Drs. Ryan, Tyler, and Thomas Rubino are very meticulous in each step they take to effectively treat Peri-Implantitis and other implant complications.

Thorough exam and determination of treatment

X-ray of the top and bottom rows of teeth in a person's mouth.A full oral examination will be conducted to determine the extent of any infection or instability, this includes taking digital X-rays as needed to gauge the level of bone loss. Your biting forces will also be assessed between the implant crown and the teeth in the opposing arch to see if there is any bite misalignment causing excessive pressure on the implant.

If the examination shows that the implant complications are treatable, Drs. Ryan, Tyler, or Thomas Rubino will restore the implant area using appropriate techniques. If the implant is found to be too compromised to be saved, your implant can be removed and a new one placed. In this case, your recommended treatment will be thoroughly explained and all your questions will be answered beforehand.

Eliminating the infection

In the case of infection, any accumulated plaque and calculus (tartar) around the implant will be gently and thoroughly removed, this will clean away any diseased tissue or irritating substance. This will be completed using special Teflon-coated plastic instruments or titanium instruments to clean around the implant, as these will not scratch the implant post or create other irregular surfaces in which bacteria can lodge.

Regenerating lost bone

When it is found that there has been bone loss around an implant or the bone support was inadequate to begin with, bone grafting material will often be placed around the implant to regenerate the needed support.

Correcting structural problems

Very rarely, the implant abutment screw will be discovered to have become loose, or an attachment piece on a denture prosthetic will be found to be fractured or lost. Your doctor can carefully tighten the screw if needed, and replace the fractured or missing attachment pieces as necessary.

$79 New Patient Special Offer

If you are experiencing any of the signs of dental implant complications or Peri-Implantitis, take advantage of our New Patient Special Offer and come in to see Drs. Ryan, Tyler, or Thomas Rubino as soon as possible for a comprehensive oral exam and consultation.

Exam, X-rays & Consultation

If you are experiencing any of the signs of dental implant complications or Peri-Implantitis, take advantage of our New Patient Special Offer and come in to see Drs. Ryan, Tyler, or Thomas Rubino as soon as possible for a comprehensive oral exam and consultation. He They will thoroughly investigate the problem, determine its cause and explain in detail what can be done to correct it. He will thoroughly answer any of your questions so you are comfortable and can make a well-informed decision. Your visit will include:

Dr. Rubino showing a patient her dental x-rays in the Sarasota office.

  • Panoramic Digital X-rays (as needed)
  • CT scan (as needed)
  • Periodontal probing and charting
  • Comprehensive oral exam
  • Oral cancer screening
  • Consultation with the doctor
  • Discuss your treatment options (during free 2nd appointment)
  • Get all your questions answered

Usual value: $529

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