Advanced Technology

At Rubino Periodontics and Implant Dentistry we use advanced technology to make your treatments precise, minimally invasive and comfortable. Read below and learn how these instruments help us give you the highest quality periodontal care.

  • Medical-Grade Air PurifiersAn image of an air purifier.

    Removes 99.9% of viruses and bacteria!

    Rubino Periodontics & Implant Dentistry maintains the highest standards of cleanliness and infection control. The doctors and staff are committed to meeting or exceeding every safety standard for dental healthcare settings. The office is sanitized daily and all instruments undergo complete sterilization between patients.

    In addition, each office is equipped with medical-grade air purifiers. These air purifiers utilize high-efficiency filtration including HEPA filters, ULPA filters, and ASHRAE filters for particles, bacteria and viruses. The filters remove 99.97% of these particles from the air.

  • Digital X-RaysDigitalXray

    Our digital X-ray devices emit only a small fraction of the radiation of traditional film X-ray machines and produce very sharp images that are viewable in seconds. The digital X-rays can be magnified, allowing your provider to zoom in on select small areas for a very detailed inspection.

  • Digital Panoramic X-Rayspanoramic x-ray image

    Panoramic X-rays provide a crisp, two-dimensional view of the entire mouth and clearly show the teeth, jaw, sinuses and other facial structures. Your doctor may use these images for planning extractions and dental implant placement.

  • Cone Beam 3D CT Scanner

    Our cone beam 3D CT scanner takes a series of X-ray images in a complete circle around a patient’s mouth. These images are immediately computer-processed and produce highly detailed, 3D 360° views of the teeth, jawbone and related anatomy. These images can be viewed from any angle, allowing the doctor to closely inspect any and all structures.

    The doctors use the 3D images to precisely plan the placement of your dental implants, to determine where bone grafting will be needed and to detect infections or other types of pathology.

  • Dental Implant Planning Software

    Your 3D CT scan images are imported into a special software that is used to precisely plan the position, depth and angle of insertion for each dental implant. With this technology they are able to place the implants where bone is the most dense and capable of providing maximum support, and he can plan out any bone grafting ahead of time.

  • Surgical Guides

    When needed, a surgical guide is created to aid in the placement of dental implants. A surgical guide is a template that fits over the gums and marks the exact point and angle of insertion for each implant. Use of the guide makes the procedure faster when placing implants in challenging areas. It also removes the need for invasive preparatory procedures in most cases.

  • Piezosurgery UnitPiezosurgeryTouch_tb

    A piezosurgery device sculpts or shapes hard surfaces and bone. When implemented, it generates a controlled microvibration which very precisely reduces bone tissue while minimizing trauma to the soft tissue.

    This technology is more accurate and much less invasive than traditional surgical instruments. It is employed in procedures where resculpting bone is needed, as part of bone grafting procedures, and to gently release teeth from their sockets so extractions are minimally traumatic.

  • Surgical Magnification EyeglassesGum Recession Treatment

    Dr. Thomas Rubino, Dr. Ryan Rubino, and Dr. Tyler Rubino, as well as our hygienists, use surgical magnification eyeglasses known as surgical loupes for a clear view of tiny areas while giving treatment. Magnification allows the doctor to use micro instruments and limit the area of treatment with great precision, making procedures minimally invasive.

  • Ultrasonic Scalers

    We use ultrasonic scalers to gently and thoroughly remove the accumulated bacterial plaque and calculus on teeth. The ultrasonic scaler uses high-frequency vibrations to break up these deposits thoroughly and fast.

    The vibrations also shatter the cell membranes of the disease-causing bacteria, thereby destroying them. Ultrasonic scalers can clean deeper than traditional scaling instruments and are adjustable for patient comfort.

  • Dental Jet Spray Cleaning Device

    Our hygienists use a dental jet-spray cleaning instrument for very thorough cleaning and polishing of the teeth. The device shoots a high-pressure stream of sodium bicarbonate and other elements that remove stains from coffee, smoking and other hard-to-clean substances. It also cleans in the tiny crevices that brushing, flossing or other instruments cannot access.

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